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Our Team

Tekamar Mortgages Ltd is a company, but Tekamar is a team of people working to help others get better mortgages.

  • Headshot picture of Rich Smith

    Rich Smith

    Partner Broker

    Rich is the third Richard Smith to work at Tekamar. When not enjoying pina coladas or long walks on the beach, he's busy brokering and managing the front of Tekamar.

  • Headshot picture of Tom Arrowsmith

    Tom Arrowsmith

    Partner Broker

    Tom's been a diligent Tekamar broker for years. He's also the chief of renovations.

  • Headshot picture of Amie Den Biesen

    Amie Den Biesen

    Associate Broker

    Amie is the gatekeeper of Tekamar. Completing her broker license in 2022, she's our newest broker. She's also the one organizing and ensuring all deals flow nicely!

  • Headshot picture of Richard Smith

    Richard Smith

    Credit Committee Chair

    The man who turned Tekamar into the business it is today. From small town veterinarian to province-wide mortgage lender, Richard has over 30 years in the business.

  • Headshot picture of Corine Hild

    Corine Hild

    Mortgage Broker

    Corine has been working alongside Tekamar for over 16 year. After years as a legal aid, she brought her experience to Tekamar and has been helping her loyal clients ever since.

  • Headshot picture of Chris Heidt

    Chris Heidt

    Mortgage Broker

    Chris has been serving clients in the mortgage industry for over 30 years now. From RBC mortgage specialist, to credit union underwriter, then finally broker, Chris's past experience of navigating multiple lenders helps his clients every day.

  • Headshot picture of Marko Ripel

    Marko Ripel

    Mortgage Broker

    With over two decades of experience with RBC, Marko has now partnered with Tekamar to offer the same great service, but with more lender choices! With better rates and better mortgage products, the move just makes your mortgage experience even better.

We've been in the business for over 40 years. In that time we've been fortunate to work with some wonderful people. If you'd like to read more on some of our past brokers, you can see them here: past brokers