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Self-Employed shouldn't mean you can't get a mortgage.

Self Employed

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Entrepreneurs should be celebrated, not punished.

We're self-employed. We understand the stresses of payroll, new regulations and trying to stay ahead of the CRA's new rules. Despite working as hard as you can to get ahead and hopefully help others get ahead, it can be soul-crushing to find out that you'd be better off having a job at City Hall when it comes to getting a mortgage.

We don't think that's right.

Unfortunately, with many of the law changes in 2016 and 2018, getting a mortgage as a self-employed person has never been trickier. Fortunately, we've made it a big portion of our business to help other self-employed people such as us to get mortgages. We specialize in it. With access to more than a half a dozen alt lenders that have flexible self-employed programs, as well as a solid understanding of more traditional banks self-employed specific programs, we're here to make it easier for you.

Advice - from entrepreneurs to entrepreneur

We're a small business, too. We know exactly the struggles you're facing - we've faced them too. When we meet with you, you can expect advice from someone who understands business. We'll work with you on tax efficient ways to come up with down payments. We can explain options of separation of liability from your business. And of course, we'll make sure to find you the best rate and term possible for your specific situation. We'll do the mortgage stuff and lave the making money to pay for it in the best way you know, up to you.

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