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How We Work

Tekamar as it is today, was built on the foundations of simplicity, honesty and integrity. That’s what we strive for, and that is what we do. Tekamar Mortgages is an independent mortgage brokerage. That means that we operate as an independent business without influence from the lenders we choose to deal with. As such, we do not work for any particular lender. This allows us to find the absolute best lender that will fit with your requirements, as well as finding the best rate available.

Using a Mortgage Broker just makes sense. If you were to want to get yourself a mortgage, it would involve setting up meetings with multiple banks. During each of these meetings, the banks would ask to do a credit check. Having your credit checked often tends to bring down your overall score. Finally, you would only be able to visit conventional banks (TD, CIBC, Scotia etc.) however there are actually many lenders in Canada which will not work with the general public.

So what’s it like with a mortgage broker? Simple. You make a call, or send an email to us once. Your broker will then get all of the required information from you, including a single credit check (as opposed to multiple), and will start searching for the best lenders on your behalf. With over forty to choose from, you can rest easy knowing that your broker will find the best available for you. Since the banks want your business, they are all competing to have the lowest rates, which your mortgage broker will take full advantage of. Once your broker has found the best fit mortgage for you (not just rate, but things like pre-payment penalties, potential to change lenders etc.) they will get in touch with you to collect some documents to meet the lenders conditions. Once those are met, its mostly free and clear to the smooth waters of lower rates and lower stress.

If the thought of negotiating a lower rate stresses you out, or you’re a busy person and its hard to book a bunch of appointments at banks, or even if you just don’t want to deal with messing around trying to get it yourself, then a mortgage broker will be your best option.


So talk to us. You will be impressed.