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Personal Finance Calculators

Lots of numbers, too much dividing and getting a negative number?

Keeping track of your finances can be hard enough without having to read a book on how to operate your calculator. We get that. So instead we have provided you with few personal finance calculators to use. We wouldn’t give them out if we didn’t find them useful ourselves. If you have any questions about how to use them, or what they are telling you, feel free to give us a shout or get in touch with us.



  • Savings Calculator
    Those pennies add up. Just adding $10 a month to  savings account can have an impact on how comfortable you are on that rainy day 20 years from now. This calculator just shows how savings add up.



  • Home Budget Calculator
    Housing, groceries, utilities, your Tim Horton’s addiction, it can be tough finding a balance between all of these. Yet the most important and often overlooked one is your retirement savings. We realize that it can be tough finding any extra money to set aside for this. Hopefully that just visualizing your expense you might be able to adjust here and there.



  • Education Savings Planning

    School is expensive. Everyone knows that, and worse is the face that the prices continually increase quicker than inflation. That makes it essential that you have a very precise savings plan in place long before the kids start borrowing your car on a Friday evening. This calculator is a good place to start.

  • Retirement Savings Calculator
    Whether it seems a long way off, or just around the corner, it is essential that you save for the glory days. Thanks to compounding interest, a dollar saved today goes a lot further down the road. This calculator will be used to help you determine just how far those dollars will go.



  • Tax Free Savings Account Calculator
    Not paying tax on your savings is a huge way to increase your savings for the long run. Unfortunately, calculating just how much savings it is to use your TFSA can be a pain. Good news! We have a calculator that will do it for you.