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Richard Smith<br>

Richard Smith

Richard Smith, has been working in the mortgage industry for more than 20 years. Tekamar Mortgages first opened its doors in 1979, but soon became a father and son team. Richard took over as president of the company in 1992 and has since provided thousands of customers within southern British Colombia with renowned service.

Born in Vancouver, but raised in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Richard knows the area he operates in. He attended and graduated from Salmon Arm Senior Secondary. He then attended the UBC engineering program for two years before transferring into the Veterinary Medicine program at the university of Saskatchewan.  Richard graduated with his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. He practiced in the veterinary industry for nine years before deciding that it was not going to be his life career. Instead, Richard became a licensed mortgage broker, after finishing the program at UBC Sauder School of Business, in 1993 and has worked as a broker since.

In his spare time, Richard enjoys being active in his community. He has been a member of Rotary International for 10 years. Richard was also the president of the Revelstoke Ski Club, and now sits on the board. Along with that, he regularly volunteers at ski races across the country. He is also an avid mountain biker, skier, and white water kayaker and has been known to enjoy the thrill of hang gliding.

Tom Arrowsmith

Tom Arrowsmith

Born and raised in Salmon Arm, Tom joined the Tekamar Team during the summer of 2014 as a broker assistant. In the fall, he returned to school at Okanagan College in Kelowna, BC to finish the last year of his education. In May of 2015, Tom graduated from Okanagan College with Distinction and Honours in the Bachelor of Business Administration program with a major in Marketing. He joined Tekamar once again in June 2015 full-time as a licensed broker. Tom is also the manager of Tekamar’s Mortgage Investment Corporation; Tekamar Mortgage Fund Ltd.

Tom has always had a passion for helping others in his community. While attending college, he volunteered through a student-run non-profit organization called Enactus. Enactus runs entrepreneurial programs in the Shuswap and Okanagan that address various needs in the community from financial literacy to hunger relief, to job creation. During his last year at Okanagan College, Tom was the President of Enactus Okanagan College.

Rich Smith

Rich Smith

Rich is one of the newest broker on the Tekamar Team. At the time he finished his mortgage brokerage course at UBC Sauder of School of Business, he was also the youngest broker in British Columbia! Rich started working for Tekamar Mortgage in the spring of 2013, working as a broker assistant. After heading off to Calgary in the fall to continue his studies at the University of Calgary, Rich returned in April to become Tekamar’s youngest broker. Rich is the 3rd generation broker to be working at Tekamar Mortgages, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

When not learning the ropes of mortgage brokering, or studying business and economics at UofC, Rich maintains a pretty active lifestyle. He skis regularly in the winter, is an enthusiastic runner (rain or shine) and white water kayaks in the rivers surrounding Salmon Arm. Rich also volunteers his time as the Recreational Rowing Program coordinator at SARP, rowing 5 days a week.

Corine Hild – Independent Broker

Corine Hild – Independent Broker

Corine knows the mortgage and real estate industry well. Really well. She has been working with people and helping them with their real estate needs for over 23 years! After completing her Legal Secretarial course at Mount Royal University, she worked as a legal secretary for 16 years. In 2005 Corine decided to change up her career. She ended up taking the plunge of getting her Mortgage Broker’s license. Corine joined Tekamar Mortgages in 2006 and has worked with the team since. After completing the brokerage course at UBC Sauder School of Business, Corine went beyond that and earned the distinction of an Accredited Mortgage Professional.

Corine works as an independent broker, under the Tekamar brand. She maintains an office in Salmon Arm, located 140 Alexander Street NE, Salmon Arm, (Inside the Lakeside Insurance Office), but is known to be pretty flexible and always willing to work with her clients. Corine is well known to loved by her past clients and has nothing but good things said about her. In her spare time Corine is an avid golfer and, more importantly, a  proud grandmother.

You can contact Corine by either contacting the Tekamar head office or directly at:

140 Alexander Street NE
Salmon Arm, BC
Tel: 250-832-8006
Cel: 250-832-5856
Fax: 250-832-2057

Chris Heidt – Independent Broker

Chris Heidt – Independent Broker

Chris Heidt knows mortgages. He has been in the mortgage industry for over 25 years. After finishing his degree in Business Administration, with a focus in marketing, Chris worked first for RBC then ended up working as a mortgage underwriter for Valley First Credit union for twelve years. In the end though, Chris took a change of paths and decided to work with the clients instead of the banks; he got his mortgage broker’s license in 2007. He promptly joined the Tekamar team in 2007 and has worked as an Independent Broker under their brand since. Chris works out of his Armstrong office, and serves the surrounding region.

When not busy brokering deals and making people’s lives easier, Chris is known to enjoy weightlifting. Along with that he enjoys spending lots of time with his wife and their dog, Cuba.

You can contact Chris directly at his Armstrong office:

3338 Lockhart Drive
Armstrong, BC, V0E 1B8
Tel: 250-546-6698
Cel: 250-550-6847