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The story of who we are

In 1972, for the first time, the province of British Columbia formed legislation regulating who was allowed to broker mortgages. This was the start of the mortgage brokerage industry. It was only a short 7 years later that the story of Tekamar Mortgages starts. In 1979, Richard “Dick” Smith wished to securely invest his money mortgages. Instead of just putting his money with someone else, Dick took the do-it-yourself route and attained his mortgage broker’s license in 1979. It didn’t take long for people to hear that Tekamar was offering a secure investment based on high standards of morale. Soon Dick was busy managing a portfolio of mortgages with not only his money, but a series of new investors.

This continued successfully over the next 13 years, until 1992. This is the year Tekamar Mortgages went into mainstream mortgage brokering. After 10 years in the Veterinary Medicine industry, Richard Smith (Dick’s son) decided it was time for a change. Richard took the mortgage broker course over the winter of 1992 and became licensed quickly. He began brokering that year.

Taking over for his father, who wished to retire at this time, Richard quickly figured the job and industry out. Richard realized that most people found dealing with mortgages to be a very stressful and overwhelming experience. It didn’t take Richard long to find out that if you offered exceptional service based on integrity and honesty – with no BS - , you will have a very loyal clientele. That is what he did, and continues to be what Tekamar is built on today.

Although, he started with the ability to send mortgages to just one lender, Tekamar worked hard to quickly find more options and better lenders to make sure their clients were getting the best options available. In 1998 Tekamar Mortgages also became a Mortgage Investment Corporation, allowing even great flexibility for people who didn’t qualify with conventional banks.

It has been over three decades since Tekamar was formed out of need. Over twenty years ago it evolved with a focus on the needs of clients, simplicity and honesty. Today with five brokers working under the Tekamar name, a name recognized for its service, the company continues to grow and evolve, better serving the needs of its clients everywhere. We are Tekamar mortgages and we are proud of what we do and how we do it.


  • New in Salmon Arm, still a student, and having just entered the workforce, I’m cautious and have many questions as a first-time home buyer. Tekamar made me feel very welcome and comfortable! They supplied me with key information on home buying beforehand, listed for me things to consider when budgeting, and are very clear and open about their process. They patiently explained details and took time to expand on what a mortgage is, from historical trends and economic influences to strategic ways of staying on top of it, paying it down and how to get low, reasonable rates. I’ve just started the process, but I’m not anxious about it – I’m informed, I’ve got a great coach in Tekamar, and I’m looking forward to owning my own home!

    Anonymous, Google + Review

  • We have used Tekamar twice now. One for a renewal and now one for a construction mortgage. The service that we received from Ester was always prompt and thorough. She was also very knowledgeable and professional. We would definitely recommend Tekamar for your mortgage needs.

    Gena Marcotte, Google + Review

  • Tekamar Mortgages in Salmon Arm BC stands out for the Service and Great Rates. No matter how troubled your credit may be folks at Tekamar Mortgage will take care of you. I am saying this based on my personal experience over three years. I have dealt with them and they made me sit back and relax while the team at Tekamar took care of my files.

    All the best To the the team at Tekamar and keep up the great work.

    El Was, 411.ca Review